Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cuyana: Fewer, Better Things

Have you ever felt that you have so many things in your closet but only wear a few pieces that you feel the most comfortable in? In my case, these pieces are usually the ones that are better in quality and craftsmanship, pieces that are considered timeless in terms of style rather than the ones labeled as fashionable.

The Cuyana motto goes: There is a beauty in the aesthetic of less... Now, what is not to love about that!

Every season the San Francisco based company features a collection inspired by a specific country and the Summer 2013 is all about "Turkey”. The pieces and the photographs featured on the site are so beautiful that I now desperately want to take a vacation...

...and also feel the urge to clean my closet following the company's "Lean Closet" movement. With every Cuyana purchase, they send you a reusable bag to fill up with the unwanted items from your closet and donate them to people in need via their non-profit partners.

On another note you may want to read this interview with the founder Karla Gallardo who recently raised 1.7 million seed funding for her start-up. And she is not even 30 yet! You go girl!

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