Thursday, August 08, 2013

{Stay} Villa Extramuros // Portugal

Is Portugal in your travel plans? If so, here you go..this is the place to stay! I wish I knew about Villa Extramuros when I was travelling in Portugal many years ago. That trip still remains very special to me since I took it solo and loved the country for as much as I could see in three weeks.

I know...I know there are a few downsides of traveling solo like not having someone to share a bottle with you by the river Douro in Porto...but there is a hidden pleasure of having places all to yourself and savoring them with their true elements when you travel by yourself...When you are accompanied by no one, you are actually surrounded by the smells, sounds and strangers of the city and that's a wonderful thing! So, go ahead...try it!

And do not forget to check the photographic journal of Vanessa Jackman, who stayed at this beautiful villa in the Portugal countryside and blogged about it here.

Photo Credits: 1/2/3: Adria Goula - 4/5/6/7: Vanessa Jackman

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